We Run was established July 11,2011 by RUNNERS for RUNNERS!!

I want to share a little about myself (Brian Tharp), my story and connection to this great sport of running, which will hopefully allow you to see how “We Run” is more than just a shoe store.  I’m confident that “We Run” will be something special changing lives for years to come.

From the time I graduated High School until 2008 I had struggled with my weight and lost the battle to the tune of 374lbs. While my wife and her friends were enjoying the run, I was the heavy guy, making my way to the finish line to take the pictures. Even though I was so big I could barely walk to the finish line to snap the pictures, not once did any runner say anything negative or make me feel out of place.  I thank them even today for their kindness.  Anyway I was able to justify all that by making excuses to myself and everyone else, especially my wife Kris.  Excuses came easy for me like, my knees hurt or my back was bad, trust me if there was an excuse not to do it, I perfected it.

In 2008 something terrible happened in Cedar Rapids that we’ll all remember for a life time. Cedar Rapids and some of our neighboring communities experienced a flood that literally destroyed our city, scores of homes and businesses destroyed. My memories of this event are different than most as it changed my life for the better and I give thanks every day.  During that terrible event I was and still am President of Janda Motor Services, an electric motor repair shop in Cedar Rapids. As I’m sure you know water and electricity don’t mix and we were busy working around the clock seven days a week. I felt the need to help my guys in the shop to get the city and local businesses back up and running. I couldn’t get it done, after only half of a day I was exhausted and so embarrassed that at the age of 36 I didn’t even have 4 hours of work in me, at that moment my life changed forever.

Kris and I developed a nutrition plan and I started exercising on a regular basis.  It wasn’t long until I started feeling better, even though it was just a few pounds I could tell a huge difference in how I felt.  At this point I was strictly walking and riding a bike. I was just too weak and too heavy to run. A year goes by and I have dropped a 100 lbs and ready to lose more, but it is just not coming off. Scared to death and knowing what Kris was going to tell me I asked anyway and of course I got the response I expected “come run with us”. My commitment to my fitness goals over powered my fear of running, so run I did and 3 years later I am running half marathons with my first full marathon in sight for this year. It didn’t happen overnight of course, I had my struggles and minor pains and even a few setbacks but I stuck to it step by step and my life will never be the same. Over the course of the next few years I had dropped another 70 Lbs and felt great, the love and passion I had and still have for running is incredible, it changed my life and gave me a second chance. I want to share this wonderful sport with everyone and I want to help anyone that wants to feel better and meet their fitness goals, not to mention meeting all the wonderful people associated with this terrific sport of running. Last year (2011) Kris and I decided to do just that we established and started working on our Dream We Run LLC.

“Put your heart into it”



We Run was established in 2011 by Brian and Kris Tharp running enthusiasts whose passion for the sport and healthy life style led them to start the business of their dreams. Come visit us and feel the difference that We Run has to offer.

Before Running, Kris and Brian at a Iowa Football Game

After running, just before Brian's first half marathon